February 18th :: Claudia Rankine with Joshua Adam Anderson


FALL 2014

November 20th ::  Tennessee Reed (with Ryan Ikeda)

November 4th :: Clark Coolidge (with Alek Jeziorek)

October 23rd :: C.D. Wright (with Christopher Miller)

September 18th :: Ed Roberson (Visiting Holloway Poet)

September 4th :: Annual Faculty Reading (with C.S. Giscombe, Robert Hass, Lyn Hejinian, Geoffrey G. O’Brien, Ed Roberson, and John Shoptaw)



May 1st :: Anne Boyer with Adam Ahmed

April 8th :: Jorie Graham with Rachel Trocchio

March 5th :: Rachel Blau DuPlessis with Hannah Ehrlinspiel

February 26th :: Marianne Morris with Holly Jackson

February 20th :: Amiri Baraka Tribute

FALL 2013

November 21st :: Tyrone Williams with Lise Gaston

October 17th :: Yusef Komunyakaa with Evan Klavon

October 10th :: Alice Notley with Simona Schneider

September 26th :: Keston Sutherland (Visiting Holloway Poet)

September 12th :: Annual Faculty Reading


April 17, 2013 :: Anne Carson with Gillian Osborne

February 19, 2013 :: Major Jackson with Allison Neale

January 29, 2013 :: Dawn Lundy Martin with Hugo Garcia Manriquez

FALL 2012

November 15, 2012 :: Keston Sutherland & John Wilkinson

November 13, 2012 :: Tony Lopez with Daniel Benjamin

October 30, 2012 :: W. N. Herbert with Adrian Acu

October 11, 2012 :: Catherine Walsh (Holloway Lecturer in the Practice of Poetry)

October 3, 2012 :: Eavan Boland with Mary Wilson

September 20, 2012 :: David Marriott with Yosefa Raz

September 4, 2012 :: Annual Faculty Reading

To see videos of previous readings, visit the “UC Berkeley Events” channel on YouTube or search the names of individual readers.