fall 2015


September 15  ::  Annual Faculty Reading  (With C.S. Giscombe, Robert Hass, Lyn Hejinian, Geoffrey G. O’Brien, and John Shoptaw)

October 5  ::   Mixed Blood / Holloway Reading:  Ronaldo V. Wilson  & Positive Knowledge 

4:00pm:  Mixed Blood Talk: “Drawing: The Body At Play, The Mind Holding Fat”

6:00pm:  Positive Knowledge, Live Music

6:30pm:  Ronaldo V. Wilson with Aura Maru

October 22  ::   Srikanth Reddy 

4:00pm:  Bagley Wright Lecture:  “The O of Wonder: A Syzygy”

6:00pm:  Larry Ochs – Don Robinson Duo, Live Music

6:30pm:  Srikanth Reddy with Ismail Muhammad

November 11  ::   Rae Armantrout

6:00pm:  Patrick Wolff / John Wiitala Duo 

6:30pm:  Rae Armantrout Reading with Rachel Beck


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